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We perform solar energy measurements on window treatments and other materials used to block the sun's intense radiation -- heat and light. Through measurements and subsequent calculations, we can determine the Absorptive, Reflective, and Transmitive qualities of your materials. We measure and calculate the following solar properties of materials:

  • Transmittance -- Total as well as Visible Light
  • Reflectance
  • Total UV
  • Openness Factor
  • Our testing is performed per ANSI/ASHRAE 74-1988 (ASTM E 1084-86). The software utilized for subsequent calculations is either Window 5.2a from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory or custom software provided courtesy of our colleagues at Arizona State University. Our instrumentation is calibrated with traceable standards on a regular basis.

    If you would like us to perform solar energy measurements on your materials, or if you have questions about solar testing, please select from one of the following options:

  • Call or email Don Pershing (information provided below)
  • Request a Quote or Testing
  • Most of our testing is fairly customized, so we cannot provide a price list.

    Some of our previously satisfied customers include:

  • Alkenz Co., Ltd
  • Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd.
  • Bruin Plastics Company Inc.
  • DongWon Industry USA LLC
  • Gracetech Textiles Australia Pty Ltd.
  • MechoShade Systems, Inc.
  • Ningbo Xianfeng New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Phifer Wire Products, Inc.
  • Saint-Gobain Ceramics and Plastics
  • Sattler AG
  • Tung Fong Textile Co., Ltd.
  • Vertisol
  • Vertilux Corporation Pty. Ltd.
  • Wintec Korea Inc.
  • And many other major window covering suppliers world-wide
  • Feel free to contact us for all your testing and instrument needs.

    Mr. Donald Pershing
    537 S. 31st St.
    Mesa, AZ 85204 USA
    Ph: +1 480-832-1380
    Fax: +1 480-832-9261

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